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Wedding Party Transportation Trips from Your Limo Service in Denver

Summer is the premier wedding season!


For those of you getting hitched this summer, have you put thought into how you are going to transport your wedding party?


There are many logistical puzzle pieces to a wedding in general. Sometimes figuring out how to get guests from point A to point B can be forgotten.


Don’t let that part of your planning slip!


Learn about some of the go-to tips for transporting a wedding party, top ways to assist guests get from different places on your itinerary, and some of the best upgrades to make for your special day.

Tips for Transporting Wedding Party

When it comes to wedding ceremonies, every couple does it differently. For some, the ceremony and reception takes place in the same location. Other couples choose to have their wedding in two different locations and there might be hours in between while you and your wedding party take photos.


Your wedding party can be as small as two to as large as you want it and you must move your group together for your various events and activities. Trying to coordinate with everyone to drive separate or have multiple cars can get tricky.


On your wedding day or even events leading up to your wedding, you are on a tight schedule.


Hiring a professional to drive your party is an investment that is well worth it. No one in your party will be responsible for driving, sticking to the schedule or trying to find certain areas and parking. A limo or car service will ensure all of this is taken care of. As you make plans for your wedding party, be sure to read The Knot’s 12 wedding transportation mistakes not to make.

Assisting Guests

In addition to ensuring your wedding party makes it to their various locations on time, don’t forget about your guests. Providing transportation for guests from the ceremony to the reception, or any other areas, also helps to make the day work out logistically.  There are several options available to consider that you can work with your local wedding transportation service to fit into your budget. If you are on a small budget but would like to provide some options, consider providing transportation to those who needs assistance, such as elderly guests or families with children. If you will be having many guests in from out of town staying in a hotel, consider providing transportation options from the hotel of your room block to the ceremony and reception.

Upgrades to Make

Using a car or limousine service to transport guests is an upgrade in itself! When taking the next step, you will add in an ease to the day. However, if you are not sure what to use for the day, you can always work with the service for advice. A limousine is a popular choice for wedding parties to keep the atmosphere and excitement going. If you are looking for a more intimate setting, or perhaps even transportation for you and your soon-to-be spouse, consider an SUV. There are top-of-the-line vehicles available, from quality Lincoln town cars to Chevrolet Yukons  that are a great option. It is especially helpful to use any type of car service when traveling into the mountains.

As you plan for your upcoming wedding, learn more about the different Denver Premier Limousine services. For help planning your day, contact us at 303-332-4588.