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Ways to Gear Up for Prom and Benefits of Using a Denver Limo Service

 Prom is one of the most exciting events for high school students! Whether it’s your first prom, or you’ve been before, each time is memorable. Being one of the top events one attends in high school, there are some things you will need to prepare in the weeks leading up to prom. From important checklist items and ways to make it memorable, to using a premier Denver limo service for transportation, use these tips to make your next prom the best!

Prom Checklist

So prom is on the calendar and you have your date. What’s next? Well, quite a bit. One of the first things students will need to do is find a dress or order a tux. Depending on your sizing needs, you may need alterations, so it is best to work on finding attire a few months before your prom. Next, many girls enjoy using prom as a reason to get hair, nails and even makeup done. Begin to research how you would like to look for your big day, then call around to get quotes on pricing. During Prom season, these appointment times fill up quickly so make your appointments sooner rather than later. It will be more efficient if you can get some (or all) items done at the same place. Next, talk with your date about corsages and boutonnieres. Research local flower shops to find great pricing and styles that will compliment your attire. With prom season being busy, you can arrange this early as well. Last, if you are going to dinner, it is best to make reservations early. See more about prepping for prom with Teen Vogue’s prom beauty checklist.

Transportation to Prom

Whether it is you and your date, or you and your group of friends, transportation to prom is a priority item to nail down. For many, their go-to is a limousine or car service. This takes the pressure off you and your date to get you from point A to point B. Also, you can get a service that is more spacious than many cars, so large dresses do not get damaged or crinkled when riding in a vehicle. For large groups, consider a limousine! It will be fun and memorable. But even for small groups or couples, a luxury car service will help get you to your prom on time and in-style.

Day-Of Preparations and Ways to Make It Memorable

When prom day arrives, there are a few things you can do to make the day seamless. At this point, your essentials are covered and now you are executing your plan. In addition, you may have coordinated with friends and your dates to get together and take photos before you head to dinner or prom. This creates great memories! Find some key places that you and your friends hold near and dear that you will always remember. Make sure you and your date have coordinated meeting times and who will be picking up the flowers. Ladies, during prom night you will not want to have a purse on you all night. If you know your prom will not have a place to check purses, consider a small wristlet. You can purchase mini-brushes and just keep a few pieces of makeup to touch up mid-way through the evening. Also, be sure to grab your IDs and prom tickets! During prom, your night will be filled with dancing and spending time with your friends. Make a point to take some great pictures and post on social media, but remember to put your phone down. You want to experience your prom, not spend the entire night on your phone.

As you make your prom preparations, Denver Premier Limousine is your go-to for all your car service needs. You’ll love the quality of our service and we will help you get to your prom safely all while making it a fun and memorable experience. Review our Denver premier limousine services today to see how we can help you with all your prom transportation needs!