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Using a Denver Stretch Limo for your Wedding Entrance

These days limos are not just for a specific group of individuals. If you have a special event you could hire an elegant stretch limo in Denver to make a grand early entrance to a ceremony or depart from a reception in style.

The Scenario

When you think about driving in a limo to a wedding, the scenario is getting to the venue where you can have a festive time, touching toasts and enjoying a delicious dinner and having a fun party. It also is important to note that a limo ride is much more than getting from hotel to wedding venue. It allows the bride and the groom to have a successful wedding, getting to the event on time and enjoying the comfort that a limo ride provides.

No Subpar Vehicle

No one wants to attend a wedding in a subpar vehicle. For the bride especially, this is not happening. It can be quite awkward if the bride and groom solicit help from a family member such as an uncle or aunt by using their vehicles as the wedding transportation; only to be disappointed. It could be that neither arrived on time or might have come squabbling with each other. It is best not to leave the guests waiting on an overly late bride and groom, only to see them arrive with the excuse that the car had mechanical problems on the way. In other words, a whole host of things could happen in your uncle and aunt’s vehicle. More importantly, if they are doing you a favor, there is not much you can do about it. Sometimes, the cheapest options can cost you more in the long run.  So how do you handle this?

Professional Service

It is best to take the professional route by soliciting the services of a stretch limousine company. For a successful wedding, it is best to book your wedding transportation in advance, possible six months before the wedding once you have decided the wedding date, size of the wedding party, the reception location, and the ceremony site.  If your wedding is anytime between April and June, you may need more advanced booking since graduations and proms take place during those times with a demand for formal transportation.

The Bridal Party

Don’t forget to include the bridal party into the decision to hire a limousine. The bridal party is important to the wedding as well. Give them that chance to celebrate this grand occasion in style with you. It would be a nice gesture on your part as bride and groom. Even if the bridal party is not traveling with you in your limousine, consider allowing them to ride in a limo of their own, getting to the venue before you do. Once the wedding ceremony has been completed, return to your limousines and also make that grand entrance to the reception. After the reception, the limousine can take the bridal party back to their hotel or home.

As it is with all weddings, there is only one chance to make it a grand occasion and that is on the wedding day. Let a limousine company in Denver help you to celebrate in style and making it a memorable day.  To schedule your wedding pick up and wedding drop off, contact Denver Premier Limo Service or you can call us today at 303-332-4588 to discuss your transportation needs.