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Items to Bring With You When You Use A Denver Limo Service For Your Wedding

Are wedding bells in your future? From picking the flowers to finding your dream dress, a lot of planning goes into a wedding, so it can be easy to forget something on your big day. If you hired a Denver limo service to transport you and your bridal party, make sure you pack some of these items that you will definitely need by the time the night is over:


No matter how many times you tell yourself you will hold it together, it’s almost impossible to hold back the tears as you profess your love in front of your family members and friends. Before you get into the limo to drive to your venue, make sure you have plenty of tissues to wipe away the tears before it messes up your make-up.

Over-the-Counter Medications

Don’t let a headache or stuffy nose put a damper on your day. Pack a small bag with over-the-counter medications to treat pain, congestion, and cold or flu symptoms. You never know when you will start to feel under the weather, so it’s best to be prepared.


What kind of music gets you in the mood to party and celebrate? Bring along a CD of songs that you want to play in the limo on your way to the wedding venue. If you don’t have time to create your own CD, simply ask the driver to change to a radio station that plays music you love. Playing your favorite music will also help you with those last minute wedding jitters that some brides get right before the ceremony. Need inspiration? Check out these songs for the morning of your wedding.

Wardrobe Malfunction Kit

What happens if you or one of your bridesmaid’s accidentally spills something that leaves a huge stain? For some brides, this could spell disaster—but if you prepare by packing a wardrobe malfunction kit, you can easily handle this situation. Bring items that will help you with these types of wardrobe emergencies, such as a stain remover pen, small sewing kit, safety pins, and bobby pins for hair emergencies. If the bridal party is in heels, it may be wise to pack a few sole cushions to slip into your shoes when your feet start to throb in pain.


If you won’t have makeup artists on hand to touch up your makeup after the ceremony and throughout the reception, don’t forget to bring your own makeup bag when you step foot into the limo. You don’t have to bring a bag packed with every item you own—just bring the essentials such as powder, oil blotting sheets, and lipstick.  This will help you look picture perfect all night!

Call Denver Premier Limousine Service today at 303-332-4588 to discuss scheduling transportation for your big day. Our team would be happy to assist you with all of your transportation needs so you can focus solely on your walk down the aisle instead of worrying about how you’ll get to the venue.