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What To Ask Your Denver Luxury Transportation Provider Before Your Wedding

Brides-to-be, there’s no better way to show up at your wedding venue than in an elegant and sleek limo. But, before you book Denver luxury transportation with a service provider, make sure you’re clear on exactly what you’re getting and the terms of the agreement. Here are some questions you should ask before signing on the dotted line:

What’s the cancellation policy?

You never know what will happen at the last minute. Weddings can be canceled or rescheduled, especially if you’re booking a limo early on in the planning process. To be safe, make sure you ask your limo provider about the cancellation policy. Find out how far in advance you will need to cancel to avoid any cancellation fees, and if you will lose your deposit if you change your mind.

How are your chauffeurs dressed?

Brides hire a limo service because they want their big day to be all about luxury, so if the driver shows up in a t-shirt and pair of jeans, this might be kind of a buzzkill. Talk to your luxury transportation provider to find out how chauffeurs will be dressed. Limo companies usually require their drivers to wear a suit so they fit in well at fancy events, but just to be safe, make sure you ask upfront.

How many people fit inside?

Who will accompany you to the big event? If you want your bridal party, parents, and other close family members, you may want to ask the company how many people can fit inside one limo. This will help you determine whether you will need more than one vehicle, or if you should cut back on the list of people to bring with you in the car.

Are food and drinks included?

Some limo services will supply riders with food and drinks in the backseat to make their ride more enjoyable. Ask the luxury transportation provider whether they will do this, and if so, what they will be providing. This helps you plan ahead so you know if you should bring snacks and beverages for your guests, or if it’s already covered by the limo company. If the company does not provide food and beverages, try some of these 44 healthy road trip snack ideas.

Can I see pictures of the vehicle?

Ask the limo service provider whether they can show you any pictures of the exact vehicle you will be riding in. Make sure it’s not just a generic stock photo of the type of limo. The last thing you want is to ride to your venue in an old, outdated limo, so check ahead of time by asking to see pictures before you agree to a contract.

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