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The Average Cost of Renting a Limousine in Denver

When you ride in a limo, you add a touch of elegance, luxury and class to any occasion or event. This is especially true for graduation proms, weddings, homecomings, bachelor parties, music concerts, dates, or sporting events. However, there are some mandatory costs associated with renting a limousine. Let’s make sure you understand these costs before choosing which company to rent your Denver limousine from.

The Basic Costs

The general cost for a limo is between $65 and $100 per hour. If you decide to jazz up your choice in limo rental and go with a vintage or classic vehicle like a Rolls Royce or stretch Hummer, you will be paying over $100 to $300 per hour. Many limousine companies like Denver Premier Limousine offer packaged deals for specific events. For example, for a wedding or graduation, you should expect a cost of up to $600. Since these events can last up to 8 hours, you are getting a good deal!

Luxury Vehicles

If you aren’t concerned with price, your bill could go up to $1,800 for the whole night, if you were to add extras such as leather interior, mini bar or video entertainment. You can expect some of the larger vehicles such as the stretch Hummer to have a flat screen television, bottles of wine or champagne, and full bar. For wedding transportation, you might like the luxury treatment of flowers, red carpet, and balloons along with a sign that reads, “Just Married”.


Some limo companies start the clock at the time the vehicle leaves the company’s parking lot while others do so as soon as you are being picked up for your event so be sure to check with your limo company. If the limo driver has to wait, you will be paying for that time as well.

The Party

Some limousine companies will allow smoking and drinking, but other limo services do not. Drinking for underage individuals is illegal and strictly prohibited by all limo companies as it is a liability. If you and your friends decide to take the party to the next level, make sure the limo is not damaged or soiled, otherwise you will be paying the cleaning fee. Make sure you address the cleaning fee before you decide to rent, just in case.

The Incidentals

Some limo companies will charge up to $30 for each stop that the chauffeur has to make along the way, especially for multiple stops or drop-offs. Be sure to request information pertaining to this prior to making your reservations.

Chauffeur Tip

The limo company will usually not include the chauffeurs tip in the rental rate. Therefore, it is your responsibility to tip the driver at least 10% gratuity or more. Remember that your chauffeur is there to take you to and from safely. If you had an overall good experience, then be mindful of the driver’s tip.

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