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What to Consider When Tipping Your Denver Limo Driver

Many people are not aware that there are actually two types of limousine drivers. There are limo drivers who are paid for the hour and those who receive a fixed rate. The limo driver that charges an hourly rate will be paid for the time that is spent transporting a client to a specific destination. This may take several hours or less. It all depends on the scope of the job. The limo driver that charges a fixed rate will only get a set amount for the entire time spent transporting the client to the destination. If you are going on a short run, then either the fixed rate or hourly rate would do fine. However, on a longer run, the fixed rate would probably work better.

The Chauffeur

Some chauffeurs may boast about transporting celebrity customers and getting huge tips. However, a good chauffeur is the one that is humble and has a quiet confidence to do the job at the best of his or ability. A chauffeur with such confidence will tend to ease the tension of the client and provide a peaceful environment for the client. A good chauffeur will arrive on time. This should be someone with knowledge of the area, professionalism, and the ability to provide outstanding service every time. No matter the situation, the experienced chauffeur will always do an excellent job. Driving clients around all day is not complicated, but a good limo driver must possess a set of high level skills and personality traits. This person should be service-oriented, forthright, hardworking, and pleasant.

What to Consider

The cost of renting a limousine for a night event would probably be a fixed amount. The chauffeur is paid for time spent with the client. This does not include preparing the limousine for the event. The driver will have to go to a site location to pick up the limo and then drive to pick up the passenger. The cost is calculated from the time that the driver picks you up to drop off time.

The Tipping

Now that you are aware the importance of a limousine chauffeur and the optimal service that this individual provides, it is time to discuss how you will tip your driver, not only for encouragement, but deservedly so. Tipping is just a good way to show your appreciation. You should use your discretion in determining a fair tip. If you were to leave a mess behind in the limo, then it is suggested that you give the chauffeur a substantial tip. Remember that the driver has to clean out the vehicle after the ride and the messier you make it, the more work that the driver will have. Leaving a tip of 35 percent of the total charges would not be unmerited in such a case.

Length of Trip

If the trip is a short one, then you can leave a smaller tip. For example, if a limo driver is taking you from the airport to your home, up to $20 in tip should be decent enough and acceptable. If your destination is an hour or more long, you could consider a tip of $40. If you gave the driver $20, it will also be accepted. For your limousine service contact the professionals at Denver Premier Limo Service. Call today: (303) 332-4588 for a scheduled pick up or drop off.