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Book a Limousine Ride to the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival

One of the most well-known cultural events each year is the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival. It takes place in Sloan’s Lake Park and has been ongoing now for over sixteen years. The 5280 Magazine in Denver has called this festival one of the greatest in the state of Colorado. This year, the 2016 festival is scheduled to take place on July 30th and July 31st. The promoters have promised to please the crowd with a bigger and better experience. First, let’s take a closer look at this event and how it came to be.

The Tradition

The Dragon Boat Festival in Colorado dates back to thousands of years. It took place in China and was known then as the Duanwu Festival. This actually remains an anticipated holiday in the mainland of Taiwan and China, spreading across the globe where natives have their own celebrations.

The Expectation

There is more to the competition than meets the eyes. Let’s take a look at the exciting features to expect.  One such popular feature that has become a talking point for the Dragon Boat Festival is the break dancers who perform on the Cultural Unity Urban Arts Showcase stage. All weekend, these performers showcase their amazing hip hop dance moves, spoken word poetry, and DJ abilities as well as martial arts. The festival goes on for two whole days and there are participants of more than fifty boating teams in the competition. There are colorful boats used to race across the lake.

More details of the festival include:

  • 5 stages constructed for more than 100 performances

  • Vendors showcasing their artwork, gifts, novelties, and crafts from the Pacific and from Asia

  • Dragonland, which allows the kids to learn about different Asian projects such as making dragon masks and origami

  • The food court boasts an assortment of diverse Asian cuisine and dishes

  • Graffiti artists are accommodated to show their skills

  • Lion dancing, which is an Asian tradition

The Dragon Boat Festival has collaborated and partnered with the Anime Fest to provide this fun event for the citizens of Colorado.

Free Event

The event is free and family friendly. The Asian culture is the highlight of the event. Therefore, if you want to learn about Asian culture, this is the place to be, whether you are a visitor to Colorado or a resident. This diversified Pan Asian festival is exclusive to the United States. The focus is to bring a combination of traditional and modern cultural customs, performing arts, Asian cuisine and a unique marketplace of unique arts and crafts from specialized vendors. The dragon boat racing is the main attraction, though.

This dragon boat festival began in 2001 and since then, the committee members who organize the event have been able to throw a huge party on Sloan’s Lake Park to celebrate the diverse and rich Asian communities in Denver. Every year, this event becomes larger and larger. In 2014, it has been reported that the attendance for the entire weekend was 125,000 people and it continues to grow.

If you would like to attend this dragon boat festival next week, be sure to contact Denver Premier Limo Service in advance to schedule your ride. You want to get to the event in style. Call us 303-332-4588 to discuss your transportation needs.