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Safety and Denver Limo Services for Prom or Graduation

It’s the time of year that Denver high school students will be making memories that'll last a lifetime. Springtime means proms, cotillions, and graduations. These rites of passage are milestones in everyone’s life and they mark a time when parents are forced to let go as their high school kid takes their first tentative steps into adulthood. Mom and Dad won’t be welcome after the pictures are taken, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t take steps to ensure the safety of their kids and their group. Denver limo services from Denver Premier Limousine will ensure that not only will your high school student arrive in style, but they will remain safe as well.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that auto accidents and injuries involving teens are higher during prom and graduation season than at any other time of year. It is also estimated that 1 in 3 teens will participate in some sort of alcohol use during this time. A survey conducted by AAA found that 41 percent of high school students said that they are likely to use drugs or alcohol on prom night. In an even more alarming report, according to that same survey 84 percent of teens surveyed said that they were more likely to get behind the wheel after drinking than to call home for a ride to avoid trouble. Unfortunately, trying out alcohol is part of growing up, but it doesn’t have to mean putting your kids at risk. Let us do the driving!

Spring Dance Service

Our limo will make the rounds to all the families’ houses to make sure everyone gets a photo op with the kids looking their best. Then the crew will be transported to the dining spot of their choice and then on to the main event! Dancing the night away with the kids they played soccer with, learned to read with, shared laughter and tears with, and finally made it to senior year with. From there, it’s on to after-prom parties. Finally, they arrive safely home again.

While we’re not parents or guardians, we do serve as a trusted adult that your child can go to if they feel that they are endangered or in a compromised position in any way. Kids may also be less likely to engage in risky behavior with an adult that they know their parent’s hired specifically to ensure their safety.

Graduation Day Limos

Schools preach it over and over again. If you are late to the ceremony, you don’t get to walk! Don’t risk your child missing out on this precious memory just because they can’t find a parking place! Our drivers can deliver them safely and punctually to the ceremony. After that they can drive the whole family to a nice dinner or ensure the safety of the graduate as they make the rounds to graduation parties.

We have a wide variety of luxury vehicles available. Keep in mind that several schools have their proms and graduations in the same month, if not the same weekend! Book early to ensure availability! Call 303-332-4588 to book your limo today!