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5 Technological Tools for the Traveling Denver Business Professional

While programs that enable video conferences has reduced business travel, there are still a plethora of business professionals traveling by planes, trains, or by Denver luxury transportation to the airport or to local business destinations via a professional fleet.   Whether you are traveling by plane or a Denver limo service, there are a multitude of technological tools on the market.  Many of these tools have been designed specifically for business travel, maximizing productivity when traveling.
  • External Battery Power:  Saving your vital work while racing the red flashing battery icon is an avoidable stress, especially when traveling.  If traveling by plane, major airports have implemented charging stations at most terminals, but it’s wise to plan ahead and have an external battery power if there are no accessible power stations.  Additionally, external battery power products on the market not only power your cellphone, but tablet, laptop computer, and cameras.  External battery power packs provide worry-free travel, ensuring that you can access important documents at all times. 
  • High-Speed Wi-Fi:  Business professionals understand how important it is to stay connected, and it couldn’t be truer when traveling.  3g/4g hotspots enable laptop computers and other devices to stay connected with lightning speed, ensuring your efficiency.  Technology is always evolving and now many hotspots have all-day battery life and connect up to 10 devices through Wi-Fi at once.  Many smartphones are able to create a Wi-Fi hotspot, but beware of the carrier’s data cap.
  • Wireless Travel Router: Another option to ensure that Wi-Fi is always accessible while traveling is a travel router.  Travel routers are not much different than your home router, connecting via Wi-Fi hotspots or a broadband connection.  Many of these routers are equipped with USB ports and an Ethernet port for a hard-wired connection to create a secure wireless network with a strong firewall. 
  • Smart Luggage Tags:  It is stressful to deal with stolen or lost luggage.  Remove the stress and worry by attaching a smart luggage tag to your belongings when traveling, both by air and by land.  Many smart luggage tags are equipped with Wi-Fi, GPS, GSM, and Bluetooth capabilities that connect through a smartphone app, allowing you the peace of mind of knowing where your belongings are at all times. 
  • Portable Monitor:  Many professionals find that two monitors increase work flow and productivity; you shouldn’t have to sacrifice screen real estate when traveling.  Typically, monitors are heavy and require being plugged into an AC outlet, but portable monitors are light and power through your laptop computer’s USB port. 
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