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Limo Pricing – What You Get for Your Money

When it comes to pricing on limos, it may be a little tricky for a customer to understand how it works and what they get for their money. When a customer calls, they typically ask the hourly rates, but they don’t realize that rates are different for every vehicle. Here are a couple differences when it comes to limos and why their pricing is different:

Age of the Vehicle
With age, comes wear and tear from with the use of many customers. They also depreciate and don’t have the appeal they once had when they were first purchased.

Make of the Vehicle
The higher the value of a vehicle comes a higher price tag with renting it. For example, our new luxury Lincoln MkT has a higher hourly cost than our Lincoln town car.

Seating Capacity of a Vehicle
The larger the vehicle, the more the hourly rate is because of its higher original price and fuel costs. However, when splitting the cost of a limo between friends and family, it may actually be a more economical choice when you fill all the seats provided.

When calling Denver Premier Limo, keep in mind the different variables that go into pricing. When asking for an hourly rate, make sure to specify what you have in mind for your Denver limo transportation. We will try and accommodate you and your budget as best as we can and make sure you have the greatest experience possible.