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Uber and Lyft Still Illegal in Austin, Texas...Say What?!

Here in Denver, we will be the first to admit, we are spoiled when it comes to transportation - with the exception of a full-blown Subway, there are many options available at our disposal to get from point A to point B...

- RTD Light Rail
- RTD Bus System
- Many Taxi Cab companies
- Uber, UberX, and private limo drivers
- Lyft
- Car2Go and other car sharing services

But down South, in Austin, Texas, a couple of our day-to-day choices we have here are technically not legal - Uber and Lyft. Although the companies continue to operate, the drivers are subject to tickets and potentionally having their cars impounded. 

As a sponsor of the upcoming Austin City Limits Festival, Uber was hoping a bill brought to the attention of the Austin City Counil would pass in regards to the legal operation of these types of car services... however, Austin is taking their sweet time. But hey, doesn't everyone down in Texas? You can read more on the Uber/Lyft debate in the Texas Monthly

All of that being said - one thing is paramount: a consumer's choice. At Denver Premier Limousine, we understand you have choices when it comes to your Denver limo, car service, and transportation, and we would like to thank our clients and patrons for their continued business! 

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